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AppSignal APM combines performance monitoring and error tracking in one clear interface. For Ruby (on Rails), Elixir and Node.js.

Improve Your Life with Long Error Messages

By Julik Tarkhanov on

Your error messages should answer three questions: what happened, where did it happen and how can I make the error go away? Find out how long error messages can help make your life easier.

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What Are Atoms in Elixir and How To Monitor Them With AppSignal

By Luismi Ramírez on

Let's explore atoms in Elixir, find out why they matter and how to monitor them.

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How to Reduce Memory Bloat in Ruby

By Kumar Harsh on

Memory bloat can be a serious issue in Ruby. This article explores two common causes of memory bloat and how you can overcome them.

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How to Debug Cloudflare Workers with AppSignal

By Wanyoike Michael on

Find out how to capture error logs in your Cloudflare Workers application using AppSignal.

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CPU Steal Time: A Crucial Metric for Cloud Servers and VMs

By Thijs Cadier, Milica Maksimović on

In this post, we'll explain what CPU steal is, how to monitor it, and what happens to your app when CPU steal is high.

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Application Code Upgrades in Elixir

By Ilya Averyanov on

Let's examine application code upgrades in the last part of my production code upgrades in Elixir series.

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Launching Public Status Pages for Uptime Monitoring on AppSignal

By Robert Beekman on

Our most-requested feature when we launched uptime monitoring was public status pages, and now they're here!

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An Introduction to Metaprogramming in Elixir

By Jia Hao Woo on

In the first of this four-part series, learn some fundamentals of metaprogramming as well as some Elixir metaprogramming secrets.

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Best Practices for Logging in Node.js

By Ayooluwa Isaiah on

Learn some invaluable practical tips to help you write more useful log entries in Node.js.

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LiveView Integration Tests in Elixir

By Sophie DeBenedetto on

In the second part of this two-part series, you'll write interactive LiveView tests that validate a full set of live view behaviors.

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Exploring Asynchronous Requests in Recoil

By Camilo Reyes on

Discover the power of using asynchronous queries in Recoil.

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Responsible Monkeypatching in Ruby

By Cameron Dutro on

Monkeypatching can be a great way to improve existing code if used right. Let's find out how.

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