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Revamped dashboards!

By Tom de Bruijn on

We're launching a big update for the custom metrics dashboards. We combined dashboards and custom metrics, improved the dashboard editor and updated the dashboard YAML.

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Iteration, recursion, and tail-call optimization in Elixir

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

It’s time for another Elixir Alchemy! This week, we’ll dive into recursion in Elixir to find the fastest looping method. (Spoiler: it depends). 🎢

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Improved navigation for better feature discovery.

By Wes Oudshoorn on

We made an improvement to the navigation to help discover valuable graphs

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Ruby's Hidden Gems, StringScanner

By Michael Kohl on

Ruby comes with an excellent standard library. Parts of which are unknown, almost hidden gems, like today's subject Stringscanner

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Diving into Ruby's #dup and #clone

By Jeroen van Baarsen on

How #dup and #clone differ and how they work under the hood, triggered by a practical example.

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Pouring Protocols in Elixir

By Miguel Palhas on

An introduction to writing expressive and intuitive Elixir code with Protocols.

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Monitoring MongoDB Replicaset Lag with AppSignal

By Robert Beekman on

In this post, we'll explain why we got really excited last week using Custom Metrics and Anomaly Detection to monitor MongoDB in our own infrastructure.

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Introducing our Google Hangouts Chat integration

By Robert Beekman on

Starting now, we can notify you on Google Hangouts Chat when an incident occurs.

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Unraveling Classes, Instances and Metaclasses in Ruby

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

Through examining metaclasses, we'll learn how class and instance methods work in Ruby.

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Introducing our Asana integration

By Robert Beekman on

Starting now, you can send your AppSignal incidents to Asana.

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An instrumental intro to GraphQL with Ruby

By Peter Ohler on

We'll learn about GraphQL by making an application about music

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Serving Plug: Building an Elixir HTTP server from scratch

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

It’s time for another Elixir Alchemy! We'll learn by building today. We're building an HTTP server with a Plug adapter, which parses requests and builds responses so it can run Plug apps.

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