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Building a Multi-tenant Ruby on Rails App With Subdomains

By Paweł Dąbrowski on

Discover different approaches to multitenancy and build a simple app with multiple tenants where each tenant will have its subdomain.

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Fast & Curious: Find and Fix Slow Queries & API Requests

By Wes Oudshoorn on

Our team made finding slow events effortless. We've fully overhauled our slow events feature, helping developers to quickly find and fix slow queries and API requests.

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Server-side Rendering in JavaScript: A Modern Approach

By Diogo Souza on

In this article, we're going to explore a few alternatives brewing in the community in regards to server-side rendering.

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Ruby on Rails Model Patterns and Anti-patterns

By Nikola Đuza on

If you're struggling with models, this blog post is for you. We will quickly go through the process of putting your models on a diet and finish strongly with some things to avoid when writing migrations.

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Announcing AppSignal for Elixir 2.0

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer, Milica Maksimović on

We're now saving you more time by making the installation process smoother and instrumenting Ecto out of the box. We've also laid the groundwork for distributed tracing.

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Understanding Associations in Elixir's Ecto

By Andrew Scorpil on

Data modeling in Ecto takes a bit of getting used to. The goal of this post is to give a short but definitive answer to this problem.

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Structuring Monitoring Data in Monolithic Applications With Namespaces

By Tomas Fernandez on

Namespaces help you make sense of what’s happening in your application. Knowing how they work is especially useful for large monolithic projects.

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Setting Up Triggers and Alerts From Graphs in AppSignal

By Wes Oudshoorn, Milica Maksimović on

You can now easily set up triggers from graphs on your dashboard.

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Triggers in AppSignal: Already Powerful — Now Easy To Set Up 🚀

By Wes Oudshoorn on

The latest updates make it way more intuitive to inspect the dataset you're setting a trigger for.

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JavaScript Internals: Garbage Collection

By Diogo Souza on

JavaScript allocates its objects and values to memory and releases them when they’re no longer needed. But, how? Let's inspect how this works internally!

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AppSignal is Free for Open-Source Software & "For Good" Projects

By Roy Tomeij on

AppSignal is free for the giants who write open-source software or do other good deeds.

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Capabilities of Elixir's Logger

By Julio Sampaio on

Let's find out what can be done with Elixir's Logger.

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