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Building and Playing the Go Game with Phoenix LiveView

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

Today we play the Go game. But we implement it in Phoenix LiveView first.

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The Ultimate Checklist to Properly Internationalize Devise

By Maud de Vries on

The checklist I wish existed when I discovered the complexities of Internationalising Devise

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How We Do VAT for Our SAAS with Stripe

By Thijs Cadier on

By popular demand, here is how we do our invoicing and financial admin for VAT

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Introducing our Clubhouse integration

By Robert Beekman on

Our latest integration lets you create Clubhouse stories from any incident on AppSignal.

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Inside Enumeration in Ruby

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

We dive even deeper into enumeration by looking at the internal implementation and implementing our own versions of the `Enumerable` module and the `Enumerator` class.

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New Magic Dashboard: Heroku Postgres

By Robert Beekman on

Magically get a dedicated Heroku Postgres metrics dashboard along with your Heroku host metrics.

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Doing Background Work Using a Native Elixir Approach

By Desmond Bowe on

In this article, we'll look at the different solutions Elixir has for performing background work and when you would use each one.

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Up the Ancestor Chain with method_missing

By Mehdi Farsi on

In this post we'll follow a method and travel all the way up the ancestor chain

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Ruby's Hidden Gems:
Delegator and Forwardable

By Michael Kohl on

In today's exploration of Ruby's standard library, we're going to look at delegation through Ruby's Delegator and Forwardable classes.

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We've got your back at RailsConf

By Roy Tomeij on

Grab a drink, play a game, have a stroopwafel and enjoy a chair massage. We've got your back at RailsConf 2019.

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Kafka and Ruby, a Sidekiq lovestory

By Robert Beekman on

The choices we made in our own stack: connecting Kafka and Ruby through Sidekiq.

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More personal email
notification preferences

By Tom de Bruijn on

Making email notification preferences more personal and giving you more control over notifications.

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