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AppSignal helps teams build better applications. We track errors and performance, monitor hosts and offer a metrics platform. Our blog features news, product updates and articles from our team. If you are interested in contributing to our blog or have an article idea, send us a message!

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AppSignal Now Supports Node.js: Roadmap for the Coming Weeks

By Stefan Verkerk on

AppSignal now supports Node.js! Read about integrations it comes with now and the plans for the coming period.

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Changing the Approach to Debugging in Ruby with TracePoint

By Stan Lo on

Learn more about TracePoint and how it makes code "tell us" what it's doing.

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What's The Difference Between Monitoring Webhooks and Background Jobs

By Stefan Verkerk on

In which we explain how to set up different monitoring for apples and pears in your architecture.

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How to Use gRPC in Elixir

By Alex Koutmos on

Learn about gRPC and how to use it in an Elixir application.

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Facade Pattern in Rails for Performance and Maintainability

By Daniele Pestilli on

Find out how and why you should use a software design pattern named Facade.

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Building Compile-time Tools With Elixir's Compiler Tracing Features

By Devon Estes on

Check out one of Elixir's latest features—compiler tracing—and find out why you should consider using it.

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Building a Rails App With Multiple Subdomains

By Prathamesh Sonpatki on

Learn how to build a Rails app that can support multiple subdomains.

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Elixir Package 1.12: Phoenix 1.5 Support & Better Channel Error Handling

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

We just released AppSignal for Elixir version 1.12, which adds support for the upcoming version of the Phoenix framework and improves on in-channel error handling.

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Hostname Filter for Anomaly Detection Host Triggers

By Tom de Bruijn on

Set up Anomaly detection host triggers per host or by matching hostnames with wildcards.

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UI/UX Updates: Faster and Smoother Sample Navigation in AppSignal

By Wes Oudshoorn on

This update includes a number of improvements that will help you navigate and filter the available samples more quickly and smoothly.

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Migrating Production Data in Elixir

By Miguel Palhas on

Find out how to handle migrations that involve systems other than the database itself, while keeping the entire process idempotent and backward-compatible.

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Effective Profiling in Google Chrome

By Nikola Đuza on

A deep dive into profiling with Google Chrome DevTools and Lighthouse.

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