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JavaScript Internals: Garbage Collection

By Diogo Souza on

JavaScript allocates its objects and values to memory and releases them when they’re no longer needed. But, how? Let's inspect how this works internally!

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AppSignal is Free for Open-Source Software & "For Good" Projects

By Roy Tomeij on

AppSignal is free for the giants who write open-source software or do other good deeds.

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Capabilities of Elixir's Logger

By Julio Sampaio on

Let's find out what can be done with Elixir's Logger.

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Launching AppSignal Monitoring for Node.js 1.0

By Wes Oudshoorn, Stefan Verkerk on

We're officially launching the 1.0 version of AppSignal for Node.js.

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Exploring Node.js Async Hooks

By Diogo Souza on

Let's experiment with Node.js async hooks.

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Monitoring Any System with StatsD and AppSignal's Standalone Agent

By Tomas Fernandez on

To extend monitoring everywhere and have all data in a single place, check out our standalone agent.

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The Diagnose: How Support Works at AppSignal

By Adam Yeats, Milica Maksimović on

We released the diagnose tool to make the Node integration debugging even smoother.

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Rails Concerns: To Concern Or Not To Concern

By Nikola Đuza on

Should you be concerned about Rails concerns?

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Improved Pagerduty Integration with Detailed Alerts

By Stefan Verkerk on

You can now add the revision of the code, the namespace, and the hostname to your alerts.

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Node.js Resiliency Concepts: Recovery and Self-Healing

By Andrei Gaspar on

Boost your Node.js process management and server management skills.

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Going from Consulting to SaaS

By Roy Tomeij on

This is what we learned taking AppSignal from a 20% time side-project to a business serving thousands of developers.

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Getting Started With Web Vitals in Next.js

By Diogo Souza on

Discover more on Web Vitals from the Next.js perspective.

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