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AppSignal helps teams build better applications. We track errors and performance, monitor hosts and offer a metrics platform. Our blog features news, product updates and articles from our team. If you are interested in contributing to our blog or have an article idea, send us a message!

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Rails is Fast: Optimize Your View Performance

By Swaathi Kakarla on

You'll learn some effective performance and optimization techniques that you can use to speed up your Rails app.

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Pros and Cons of Using structure.sql in Your Ruby on Rails Application

By Daniele Pestilli on

Discover the major differences and benefits of using structure.sql vs schema.rb in your Ruby on Rails application.

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Top 10 AppSignal Blog Posts in 2019

By Milica Maksimović on

Check out the most appreciated posts on our blog in 2019.

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How to Use Broadway in Your Elixir Application

By Alex Koutmos on

Discover how Broadway can help you create highly concurrent data processing pipelines in your Elixir app.

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Configurable Ruby Modules: The Module Builder Pattern

By Michael Kohl on

Explore how to implement configurable modules in Ruby — a technique sometimes referred to as the Module Builder Pattern.

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JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History - Part II

By Adam Yeats on

We continue our deep dive into JavaScript errors. This time, we look at how to handle them in your code today.

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Caching with Elixir and ETS

By Elvio on

Get started using ETS as a caching mechanism in your Elixir applications and pick up some useful tips and tricks.

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How to Read Performance Metrics in AppSignal

By Robert Beekman on

Find out how AppSignal works, interpret the data it generates, and discover which metrics to keep an eye on to improve your application performance.

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Sidekiq Optimization and Monitoring

By Stefan Verkerk on

Where we look at lessons learned in monitoring and performance, and go through some things that seem simple at first, but turn out to be a bit more complex.

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JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History

By Adam Yeats on

We take a deep dive into the history of Errors in JavaScript.

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Launching JavaScript Error Tracking v1.0.

By AppSignal on

We're proud to announce the launch of our fully-fledged JavaScript error tracking for your front-end applications.

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Typespecs and Behaviours in Elixir

By Miguel Palhas on

In this post we talk about behaviours. Not ours. But Elixir's

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