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Rails Collection Caching

By Tom de Bruijn on

In this article, we'll take a look at how Rails collection caching works and how we can use it to speed up large collection rendering.

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Elixir package 1.8:

By Tom de Bruijn on

We've just released AppSignal for Elixir version 1.8.0, which adds support for more precise values for custom metrics and adds the `working_directory_path` option.

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Ruby gem 2.7:
Improvements and bug fixes

By Tom de Bruijn on

We've released the AppSignal for Ruby version 2.7.0 which allows longer tag values to be sent, supports more precise values for custom metrics and adds the `working_directory_path` option.

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Changing the Way Ruby Creates Objects

By Benedikt Deicke on

In this edition of Ruby Magic, we'll look at how Ruby creates and initializes objects and how we can modify the default behavior.

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Generating Random Numbers in Ruby

By Joyce Echessa on

Random numbers are useful for a variety of purposes such as in gaming, encryption and building simulations. In this article, we'll look at the various ways you can generate random numbers in Ruby.

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Ruby Magic Summer Special: The Best of AppSignal Academy

By Stefan Verkerk on

The best of AppSignal Academy: 5 of our favorite Ruby articles

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Parsing Numbers in Elixir

By Miguel Palhas on

In this episode of Elixir Alchemy, we'll see how parsing integers and floats from strings work in Elixir and other programming languages.

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JavaScript-sprinkled Rails Applications

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

Using JavaScript sprinkes to load dynamic or user-specific content after the rest of the page is directly served from the cache.

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Elixir integration 1.7 released

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

AppSignal for Elixir 1.7 is here! It drops dependencies on HTTPoison, cURL and ca-certificates, and improves custom namespace supoort.

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Under the Hood: “Slurping” and Streaming Files in Ruby

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

Streaming files line by line is often preferred over “slurping” the whole content at once. In this edition of Ruby Magic, we'll learn how streaming files and other I/O streams works in Ruby.

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AppSignal Dashboard:
Live updating insights

By Wes Oudshoorn on

Starting today, when opening your app in AppSignal, you'll see a dashboard with live updating insights into the most important areas of your application.

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Custom Exceptions in Ruby

By Robert Beekman on

Almost everything in Ruby is an object and errors are no exception.

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