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New Feature: Searching Through Samples in AppSignal

By Wes Oudshoorn on

Search is now available for all AppSignal customers. It enables you to quickly find specific samples inside of AppSignal.

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Announcing AppSignal for Ruby Gem 3.0!

By Tom de Bruijn on

We're very happy to present you with version 3.0 of AppSignal for Ruby - a new major release for the Ruby gem. 🎉

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Troubleshooting ActiveRecord Performance

By Tomas Fernandez on

You usually don't need to worry about AcriveRecord and its inner workings. This post comes in handy when performance issues arise and you have to start worrying about it.

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Using Webpacker in Your Ruby on Rails Application — a Deep Dive

By Paweł Dąbrowski on

Let's take a deep dive into Webpacker and see how the tool works under the hood.

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Ruby on Rails View Patterns and Anti-patterns

By Nikola Đuza on

Rails views are sometimes amazing and fast, and at other times, they can have all sorts of issues. If you want to increase confidence over how you handle your views, then this blog post is for you.

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Improving Node.js Application Performance With Clustering

By Joyce Echessa on

Let's discover how clustering can improve the way your Node.js apps handle the workload.

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RBS: A New Ruby 3 Typing Language in Action

By Diogo Souza on

Let's discover the differences and similarities between Sorbet and the recently released RBS through some practical examples.

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AppSignal for Elixir Integration 2.1 Released

By Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

We're happy to announce the release of AppSignal for Elixir 2.1.0. In this version, we’ve made our error helpers more flexible than what we offered before.

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How Absinthe Uses Compilation Callbacks for Schema Validation in Elixir

By Devon Estes on

Absinthe manages to do a lot of interesting things during its compilation process, let's take a closer look at it.

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Node.js Garbage Collection: Heap Statistics Magic Dashboard

By Thijs Cadier on

We just released a Magic Dashboard for Garbage Collection stats for our Node.js integration. If you are leaking memory, this dashboard will help you discover and fix this problem.

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How to Use Mixins and Modules in Your Ruby on Rails Application

By Cleiviane Costa on

Find out how to create and mix modules into other classes and discover what are the benefits from using them in a Ruby on Rails application.

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Microservices Monitoring: Using Namespaces for Data Structuring

By Tomas Fernandez on

Microservices pose unique challenges for error reporting and instrumentation. Today, we’ll explore the best way to monitor them using namespaces in AppSignal.

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