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AppSignal helps teams build better applications. We track errors and performance, monitor hosts and offer a metrics platform. Our blog features news, product updates and articles from our team. If you are interested in contributing to our blog or have an article idea, send us a message!

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JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History

By Adam Yeats on

We take a deep dive into the history of Errors in JavaScript.

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Launching JavaScript Error Tracking v1.0.

By AppSignal on

We're proud to announce the launch of our fully-fledged JavaScript error tracking for your front-end applications.

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Typespecs and Behaviours in Elixir

By Miguel Palhas on

In this post we talk about behaviours. Not ours. But Elixir's

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Introducing area charts for custom dashboards.

By Robert Beekman on

Adding more ways to show (custom) metrics.

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How We Tracked Down an Exception Without Errors: A Detective Story

By Tom de Bruijn on

This is a short detective story about how we tracked down an exception in AppSignal.com's flow that didn't cause an error...

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Ruby Templating: Baking an Interpreter

By Benedikt Deicke on

In this post, we'll bake our own Interpreter, bringing the Templating series together with a lot of sticky stroop.

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Migrate to our new Slack App!

By Tom de Bruijn on

There's a new Slack app in town. Make sure to migrate to our new Slack app before the 1st of October!

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TL;DR: Our new logo

By Wes Oudshoorn on

Today, we're launching a new logo for AppSignal. We could make a big thing out of this, but that's not us. So here it is. Our brand new, beautiful, shiny logo.

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Flags, Seeds and Idempotency: Database Tooling with Elixir

By Miguel Palhas on

In this post, we stir into our cauldron of magic potions and idempotence, and brew some neat Elixir database tooling

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The Inherited Hook Method in Ruby - and More Parenting Lessons

By Mehdi Farsi on

Today, we will explore the inherited hook method and dive into preventing inheritance

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New Sample Page Graphs and Navigation

By Tom de Bruijn on

Remember that error that you didn't have time for? Well, we remember it as well. And now, we've made sure that you can easily access it with our new sample navigator.

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Type Checking in Ruby — Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

By Michael Kohl on

A splash into Duck Typing, gradual typing and enjoying Sorbet on a typical summer day

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