Exporting and Sharing Graphs From AppSignal

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Exporting and Sharing Graphs From AppSignal

You can now share any graph from AppSignal with your team, company, and the world. Click the export icon in the graph header to create a hosted image that you can link, embed, or download for further annotation.

Developers often share performance screenshots with each other. Some screenshots end up on Twitter where developers explain how they improved their application’s performance with AppSignal. We regularly take screenshots of our graphs as well. This export graph feature makes sharing easier than ever, and includes a nicely formatted legend.

How to Export Graphs from AppSignal

Go to the graph you'd like to share and click on the export graph icon in the header.

  • You can exclude graph lines through the legend, before sharing. Click any line you want to hide and it won’t be exported in the image.
  • Including the legend is optional. The legend will show underneath the graph, with the min/max/mean values for the graph’s time frame.
  • You can get a shareable URL or download it as a PNG.
Response time graph

Please note that this is a snapshot of your graph at a specific moment in time, not a live version with the latest values.

We’re looking forward to seeing the graphs you share. If you share them in public, be sure to mention us on Twitter.

Wes Oudshoorn

Wes Oudshoorn

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