Introducing Anomaly detection (Beta)

Wes Wes Oudshoorn on

We’re releasing Anomaly Detection today. With this much-requested feature, you can set up triggers to be alerted when metrics exceed a specific range.

Beta period

We are shipping this feature as beta with the most common use case: Error rate alerts. You can set triggers per namespace to receive an alert when your error rates go over a specified value and we'll notify you again when everything's back to normal. After you’ve been alerted, AppSignal shows you exactly which errors occurred within that timeframe. During the beta, alerts are only sent to Slack.

Add a new trigger

First, add a trigger for a namespace

Get an overview of triggers

You can see an overview of the triggers you have set

Get alerts

You'll receive alerts in Slack and get an overview in the app

Future features

We will add more integrations soon. We plan to expand the triggers section in the future so you can set triggers on metrics like throughput, performance, host metrics and custom metrics. Adding warm-up and cooldown periods and more trigger conditions (over, under, between, equal to) are also on our roadmap.

Error rate alerts are the first step to a smarter way of being notified about issues in your applications. We're curious to hear what you think. Please let us know ( / @AppSignal) if you if you have any questions or suggestions!

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