Quickly Duplicate Triggers Across Apps in AppSignal

Tom Tom de Bruijn on

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new feature which will make it easier for you to copy your trigger setup from one app to a new one.

Anomaly detection triggers are a great way to get notified about unwanted events in your app. These anomalies are things like a high error rate, a lack of free disk space, or a high CPU usage. If your apps have a lot of the same requirements and infrastructure, you may have a lot of the same triggers across your apps.

Duplicate, Duplicate, and Duplicate

Today, a new “Duplicate” button is visible in the triggers table. Clicking this button allows you duplicate the selected trigger to this or another app.

Triggers table screenshot

When you click the “Duplicate” button you will be prompted to select the app you want to duplicate the trigger to. Select your app and click “Create trigger in this app”.

App chooser screenshot

Next, you’ll be shown the trigger creation form with the values prefilled based on the original trigger. You can edit it if needed and submit the form when you’re done. Please note that these triggers are duplicates, and not linked. Your new trigger does not influence the old trigger.

Prefilled trigger form screenshot

What Do You Duplicate?

We are curious to see what you are using this most for. Shoot us an email and let us know what you duplicate. Unsure what how to start with Anomaly detection triggers? Follow our guide on how to set up host triggers for your app.

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