AppSignal for Ruby Gem 3.1: MRI VM Magic Dashboard

Jeff Kreeftmeijer

Jeff Kreeftmeijer on

AppSignal for Ruby Gem 3.1: MRI VM Magic Dashboard

We're very excited to release AppSignal for Ruby gem 3.1, which adds a Magic Dashboard for MRI VM stats. By upgrading to the latest Ruby gem, you'll automatically get this dashboard created in AppSignal as soon as data from the new probe starts flowing in.

Here's what you'll see:

Ruby VM metrics dashboard example graphs

Magic Dashboards give people amazing insights into applications with zero setup. They work automagically to give your team performance insights into gems like Puma, Sidekiq, ActiveJob, ActionMailer, and others.

Ruby VM metrics

This new magic dashboard includes metrics for the number of objects allocated in memory, stats about garbage collection, heap slots usage, metrics from Ruby's RubyVM.stats method and thread counts.

Use these metrics to understand what Ruby is doing when your app seems to be slower just for a moment or getting slower over time. Spot runaway threads that are never stopped. Use the Allocated Objects graph to spot a memory leak in your app early. See how often the Garbage Collector is cleaning up garbage and if it has more memory to clean up.

This release also contains smaller bug fixes, read more about them in the Ruby gem's changelog.

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