Elixir integration 1.3 released

Jeff Kreeftmeijer

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Elixir integration 1.3 released

After testing the new version of AppSignal for Elixir for a couple of weeks, we're happy to announce we've just released version 1.3 of our Elixir integration. The new version brings support for pure Plug applications, and a lot of other improvements.

To upgrade to the new version, simply run mix deps.update appsignal, and you're good to go!

Plug support

We've always had full support for Phoenix out of the box, but using AppSignal in Plug apps required some manual setup. In version 1.3, we've added Appsignal.Plug, a new Plug handler which takes care of recording web transactions. Appsignal.Phoenix.Instrumenter will continue to record instrumentation for Phoenix apps, like it did before. This means our Plug support is now the basis of our Phoenix integration.

Adding Appsignal.Plug to your Plug app will automatically start and stop transactions. Setting up instrumentation for specific functions in your app can be done using our decorators. An example Plug application that has instrumentation for a slow function might look like this:

defmodule AppsignalPlugExample do use Plug.Router use Appsignal.Instrumentation.Decorators plug :match plug :dispatch get "/" do slow() send_resp(conn, 200, "Welcome") end @decorate transaction_event() defp slow do :timer.sleep(1000) end use Appsignal.Plug end

Other changes

Please see the changelog for more details about these improvements, and bug fixes. And as always: get in touch if you encounter problems after upgrading. We're happy to help!

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