Padrino support

Robert Robert Beekman on

Padrino is the latest addition to the ever growing list of Ruby frameworks supported by AppSignal. It’s built upon the Sinatra web library and was created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications. And now you can properly monitor them too!

With AppSignal Gem 0.11.13 we’ve introduced official Padrino support. Simply add the gem to your Padrino project (require 'appsignal/integrations/padrino' from config/boot) and add an appsignal.yml config file. For a complete example, please have a look at the documentation.

If you have any trouble getting your Padrino application hooked up to AppSignal, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to help, and we’re taking requests for supporting other libraries too!

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