Ruby Magic Summer Special: The Best of AppSignal Academy

Stefan Stefan Verkerk on

Remember when you were a kid, and you bought those omnibus double edition comics? How magical reading them was? We won’t pretend this will be as unforgettable, but we do think we’ve put together a nice extra-chunky Best-of AppSignal Academy selection for you to read at the beach, the park, or just on a lazy Sunday, that will absolutely make your day.

Here are our top 5 hammock reads:

Custom Exceptions in Ruby

Almost everything in Ruby is an object and errors are no exception. #dadjokes

Ensuring Execution, Retrying Failures and Re-raising Exceptions in Ruby

Besides rescue, Ruby has more ways to handle exceptions. We’ll use the retry and ensure keywords as well as reraised exceptions to build a resilient web API client.

Ruby’s Redo, Retry and Next Keywords

The post about retry was super popular last holiday. Its little-known counterpart redo works similarly, but reruns loop iterations instead of whole blocks.

ActiveRecord Performance: The N+1 Queries Anti-Pattern

Like squirrels in a summer forest, the N+1 queries problem is a common, but usually easy to spot nuisance, ehm, performance anti-pattern that’s sometimes caused by lazy loading associations.

Russian Doll Caching in Rails

By nesting cache fragments, views are almost never rendered completely. Even when data changes, most of the rendered pages are served straight from the cache.


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