Monitor Alpine Linux ARM Hosts with AppSignal

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Monitor Alpine Linux ARM Hosts with AppSignal

Today, we're launching ARM support for machines running Alpine Linux. This feature is available for our Ruby and Elixir users! We hope to add support for Alpine Linux ARM to our Node.js package in the future.

The ARM CPU architecture is becoming more and more popular. As it powers people's development machines and production servers, we decided to add it to the list of the operating systems we support.

Installation Procedure

You can install our packages in the same way as before. ARM machines are automatically detected, and the matching extension and agent are installed for your system.

Follow our installation guide to add AppSignal to your app, or upgrade the AppSignal package in your app to deploy to Alpine Linux on ARM.

ARM support was added to these package releases:

We've previously released ARM support for macOS and most Linux distributions. This latest addition means we support the ARM architecture for most Operating Systems.

View our Supported Operating Systems and Architectures table for a full overview of all supported system combinations.

This is an example screen from AppSignal:

Host metrics

If you have any feature requests, please reach out and let us know. We note down every customer request and do our best to provide support to as many users as possible.

New AppSignal Users Get 🍪

If you haven't yet tested out AppSignal, this is the perfect time to do so! Once you sign up and start pushing data to AppSignal, reach out to our support team and send us your address. We ship stroopwafels worldwide! 🌎

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Tom de Bruijn

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