Top 10 AppSignal Blog Posts in 2019

Milica Maksimović

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Top 10 AppSignal Blog Posts in 2019

Hi there stroopwafel fans 👋

As we're looking forward to publishing more Ruby, Elixir, and JavaScript posts in the coming 2020, we decided to take a look back at the blog posts that you gave the most hearts on Twitter, reads on the blog, and that we got the most appreciation for in 2019.

1. JavaScript Errors: An Exceptional History

Join us as we go through the origins and turbulent years of growth of JavaScript and see it grow into the language it is today.

2. Building and Playing the Go Game with Phoenix LiveView ⚗️

In this Elixir series, we built and played the Go game. The first part is all about implementing Go in Phoenix LiveView, and in the second part - Time Travel and the Ko Rule, we've added the ability to undo and redo moves and implement Go's ko rule.

3. Object Marshalling in Ruby 💎

In this article, we took a deep dive into object marshalling. Find out what it is, look at the Marshall module, and then go through an example. Then, go a step deeper and compare the _dump and self._load methods.

4. Ruby's Hidden Gems: Delegator and Forwardable 💎

In this exploration of Ruby's standard library, we've looked at delegation through Ruby's Delegator and Forwardable classes.

5. Learning by Building a Background Processing System in Ruby 💎

We implemented a naive background processing system for fun! Learn some things along the way as a peek into the internals of popular background processing systems like Sidekiq.

6. Serving Plug: Building an Elixir HTTP Server From Scratch ⚗️

As we're on a continuous quest to find out what’s happening under the hood, we took a deep dive into HTTP servers in Elixir.

7. Routing in Phoenix Umbrella Apps ⚗️

Umbrella apps are an awesome way to structure Elixir projects. Behind the curtains, they are a very thin layer that just compiles everything to a single package. Instead of building a single large monolith, you can structure your code with multiple isolated contexts...

8. Bindings and Lexical Scope in Ruby 💎

In this winter episode, we’ll went into bindings and scopes. So put on your skis and follow us deep into the woods.

9. Unraveling Classes, Instances and Metaclasses in Ruby 💎

Through examining metaclasses, learn how class and instance methods work in Ruby. Along the way, discover the difference between defining a method by passing an explicit “definee” and using class << self or instance_eval.

10. Productive Procrastination for Programmers - works for Ruby and Elixir 💎⚗️✨

We pushed this post until the very end of this list in a true procrastination fashion. This is a partly-ironic, not-so-serious post on productivity, but increased productivity might actually result from reading it. It is all about the sweetness of procrastination, of pushing away that task you dread, the proverbial frog you need to eat. Take it with a grain of salt.

Holiday Season is Approaching 🎊🎉🎄❄️

That was all for this roundup of favorite articles of 2019! The whole AppSignal team wishes you all the best for the coming year, with little errors, many amazing insights and even more amazing articles ☃️

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