AppSignal’s Top 5 Ruby Posts in 2021

Ana Malinović

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AppSignal’s Top 5 Ruby Posts in 2021

Are you winding down for the end of the year yet? Why not take a minute to yourself and look back on some of our best Ruby posts from the past year?

So, make yourself a hot chocolate, snuggle up in your most snug blanket, and browse some great articles (if we do say so ourselves!) from our talented guest authors.

Let’s dive straight in!

Top 5 Ruby Blog Posts in 2021 💎

RBS: A New Ruby 3 Typing Language in Action

Discover the differences and similarities between Sorbet and the recently released RBS through some practical examples.

Using Webpacker in Your Ruby on Rails Application — a Deep Dive

Take a deep dive into Webpacker and see how the tool works under the hood.

How to Use Mixins and Modules in Your Ruby on Rails Application

Find out how to create and mix modules into other classes and discover the benefits of using them in a Ruby on Rails application.

Ruby on Rails View Patterns and Anti-patterns

Rails views are sometimes amazing and fast, and at other times, they can have all sorts of issues. If you want to increase confidence in handling your views, then this blog post is for you.

Andddd...drumroll please - our top-performing Ruby post in 2021:

Ruby on Rails Controller Patterns and Anti-patterns

In this part of the series on Rails patterns and anti-patterns, we analyze the final part of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern — the Controller.

Our Special Mention for 2021

This goes to a post that didn’t quite make it into the top 5. We really liked Cameron’s fresh take on this topic and love his writing style:

Responsible Monkeypatching in Ruby

Monkeypatching can be a great way to improve existing code if used right. Let's find out how.

Happy Holidays ❆ ⛄

This may not be the festive season we were hoping for, but we wish you a wonderful time, whatever you have planned.

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