AppSignal and Shelly Cloud partner up

Thijs Thijs Cadier on

Shelly Cloud is an awesome Europe based cloud hosting provider. They are aimed specifically at Rails applications, just like us!

Shelly Cloud logo

With servers in Roubaix, France and Nuremberg, Germany they don’t have the latency issues European users experience when using US-based providers. Shelly Cloud you can scale your app in minutes and with AppSignal’s unlimited hosts, we scale with you.

Since they are specialised in Rails applications they’ve made sure deployment is as painless as possible and have excellent support. If you try them out you get the first 700 hours for free.

Starting today Shelly Cloud will be our first hosting partner. If you are a Shelly Cloud customer you can contact Shelly Cloud Support for discount code to get 20% off every AppSignal plan.

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