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RailsConf is the world’s largest gathering of Ruby on Rails developers. As always, we’re there to enhance the conference experience for the community we’ve loved ever since attending our first RailsConf in 2008. Here’s what we’ve got planned:


As always, we’re the unofficial dessert distributor at RailsConf. We’ll be making our rounds during the lunch breaks on Wednesday and Thursday to supply you with our delicious Dutch caramel waffles (yes, we’re bringing enough for everyone).

Monday night: RailsConf Warm-Up

On Monday, April 29th (the evening before the conference), you don’t have to spend the night binge-watching Netflix at your hotel room. Instead, join us from 6 pm onwards for drinks at our RailsConf Warm-Up event (we’re buying). Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Developer Dilemmas

We’ve developed a fun deck of cards called “Developer Dilemmas.” These cards are a great way to start (or maybe end) a conversation. We’ll be handing them out at RailsConf, so come find us.

Massage at the AppSignal Relaxation Station

Sore muscles from sitting in conference chairs for a few days? Stop by at the AppSignal Relaxation Station in the RailsConf exhibition hall to recharge with a chair massage from Kirk, Julie, Erin or Rachelle (licensed professional massage therapists).

Wednesday night: Customer Appreciation Dinner

We always love to meet customers to talk shop, or just hang out and have fun. That’s why we’re taking them to dinner on Wednesday, May 1st (between conference closing and the official party)! If you’re a customer and haven’t received an invite, please let us know.

When you see anyone wearing the AppSignal logo, say hi and collect some goodies :)

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