Improved Snapshots of your apps

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Improved Snapshots of your apps

Today we're introducing a much improved version of our Snapshot feature πŸŽ‰

Snapshots have always been a great way to instantly see what happened inside your application at a specific time. But we found out that the feature was not available at all the places you would need it.

Snapshots are relevant within the context of a graph. So now, when hovering with your mouse over any graph, the legend will include a new button. Clicking on "What happened here?" will take you to the new Snapshot overlay.

This new Snapshot overlay will provide the relevant data for that moment in time. It will show you which errors occurred, which requests/jobs were slow and how the hosts were performing at that time. It will help you find meaning behind many data points in your graphs without losing the context of what you were looking at.

Switch between Errors, Performance issues and Hosts at the top of the overlay. Narrow down your search to a specific area of your application by using the namespaces filter.

Once you found an outlier with a lot of errors or slow response times, click on the incident in the list and you'll be taken to the most relevant sample that occurred in that time frame.

Pro-tipβ„’: Click on any point in a graph and it will lock the graph to that time, so you don't accidentally switch to another time while you're moving your mouse up to the legend.

We plan to keep improving the ease with which you can navigate through the vast amount of information that AppSignal provides. We love hearing your thoughts! Send us an email at and we'll surely be in touch.

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Wes Oudshoorn

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