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In the past months we've received a number of requests about ways to get data out of AppSignal. From now on that's possible!

With over fifty million requests handled per day we have a lot of data. As of now you can access most of this data with our API. If you want to dive right in, go straight to the documentation.

Most parts of the API are battle tested and used by our web front-end every day. We use the exact same graph api that we're exposing. We even use the users's own API key, so if you want you can just copy the request url and use the data in your own app.

If there's anything you are missing or if you have other ideas (webhooks, integrations, etc.), let us know!

Robert Beekman

Robert Beekman

As a co-founder, Robert wrote our very first commit. He's also our support role-model and knows all about the tiny details in code. Travels and photographs (at the same time).

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