Ruby gem 2.5 - JRuby support!

Tom Tom de Bruijn on

We just released AppSignal for Ruby gem version 2.5 which adds support for JRuby!

JRuby was previously only available in Ruby gem versions 0.11.18 and lower. Thanks to a recent build process improvement for our extension, we can now produce a build compatible with JRuby.

In this release we now support JRuby in a beta program. If no major issues are reported we’ll consider it production ready in the coming months.

Upgrading to the JRuby compatible version

A JRuby compatible version is pushed to RubyGems from now on, which will be picked by JRuby when installing AppSignal. No need for any manual configuration!

If you run your application with JRuby please upgrade to the latest version of the AppSignal Ruby gem and let us know if you experience any problems with this new build.

Please see the changelog for more details about these improvements, deprecations and other changes. And as always: get in touch if you encounter problems after upgrading. We’re happy to help!

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