AppSignal’s Top 5 JavaScript Posts in 2021

Ana Malinović

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AppSignal’s Top 5 JavaScript Posts in 2021

It’s that time of year again! It’s all just getting a bit festive. So pour yourself some mulled wine and get cozy in your favorite penguin jumper as we share our top 5 JS posts this year.

We had a lot of great posts to choose from, but some stood out and resonated with you more. With no further ado, here are the JS posts that you enjoyed most:

Top 5 JavaScript Posts in 2021

Powerful Caching with Redis for Node.js Applications

This article explores some of the most interesting nuances of Redis caching patterns, using Node.js as the environment to run some benchmark testing.

Best Practices for Logging in Node.js

Learn some invaluable practical tips to help you write more useful log entries in Node.js.

7 Ways to Improve Node.js Performance at Scale

Read some practical tips to help you scale your Node.js application to handle more traffic.

What's New in Node.js 17

Have a look at some of the major highlights from the recent Node.js 17 release.

Andddd...drumroll please - our top-performing JavaScript post in 2021:

Improving Node.js Application Performance With Clustering

Discover how clustering can improve the way your Node.js apps handle workload.

Our Special Mention for 2021

This goes to a post that didn’t quite make it into the top 5. It flew under the radar a little, but we think it deserves another look:

TypeScript Compiler API: Improve API Integrations Using Code Generation

Find out how you can use code generation to improve your API integrations.

Happy Holidays ❆ ⛄

This may not be the festive season we were hoping for, but we wish you a wonderful time, whatever you have planned.

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