Gem 1.2: Host metrics

Thijs Thijs Cadier on

We just released gem version 1.2 which includes the beta of our new host metrics feature. The gem itself is our next stable release, the included beta host metrics feature is disabled by default.

When you enable host metrics in the config the agent collects the following metrics:

CPU usage User, nice, system, idle and iowait in percentages.
Load average 1 minute load average
Memory usage Available and used memory.
Disk usage Percentage of every disk used.
Disk IO Throughput of data read from and written to every disk.
Network traffic Throughput of data received and transmitted through every network interface.

You can see graphs for this data by selecting "Hosts" from the left menu in an app. Then select a host and click the "Metrics" tab. You'll see something like this:

Host metrics

Check out the documentation page to get instructions on how to enable host metrics. We can't wait to hear what you think about this feature!

The code for the probes we use to get the metrics from your system is available on GitHub. We're open to contributions. We hope this project will be a shared component monitoring tools other than ourselves can leverage.

Furthermore this release includes Shuryoken support, some minor improvements and bug fixes. See the change log for details.


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