Launching AppSignal Monitoring for Node.js 1.0

Stefan Verkerk
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Launching AppSignal Monitoring for Node.js 1.0

Do you know how many errors your Node.js application had last week? How many users were affected? Which servers were high on CPU/Memory/Disk? If you do know, how many different tools did you have to install, and how many hours you've spent configuring all those tools? AppSignal is here to change the way you monitor your apps and simplify your life as a developer.

Today, we officially launch the 1.0 version of @appsignal/node.js. It's ready for use in production apps and includes out of the box support for Node.js Core, Express, Next.js, Apollo Server, node-postgres and node-redis.

Complete Overview in One Interface

AppSignal is five monitoring tools for Node.js applications merged into one. It's designed and built so developers have a full picture of how their app performs. Here's what you get:

With these features you'll have a full understanding of what's going on when the bits hit the fan. No more switching between tabs while trying to connect the dots.

Easy to Install, Limitless Customization

Developers tell us they want two things: monitoring that's easy to set up and endlessly customizable. Other application monitoring tools are usually too simple to give you the insights you need, or way too complicated to use. AppSignal is different. We offer an array of powerful features that were built with developers in mind. AppSignal is easy to set up and use, yet it's endlessly customizable so that we meet all your requirements.

Quick Install

Installing up AppSignal for Node.js is straightforward. Sign up, get an API key and simply call npx @appsignal/cli install. The CLI installer will help you install AppSignal in seconds. The installer scans your package.json and suggests and installs the AppSignal packages you need.

All features are available without further configuration. You will have auto instrumentation for web frameworks like Express or Next.js, databases like Redis, PostgreSQL consumers, and GraphQL APIs with Apollo server.

You should upgrade to 1.0 right away if you've been using any of the pre-1.0 packages. In the coming months, we will deprecate all pre-1.0 versions of the library. The API is now locked with semver, so there will be no breaking API changes until version 2.0.

Here's a short demo video of the installation:

Magic Dashboards

AppSignal saves you a lot of time through a feature we call "Magic Dashboards". Our agent scans your infrastructure and automatically creates dashboards based on the tools you use. Magic dashboards will appear for those who use PostgreSQL and Next.js in their Node.js applications. We'll be adding more dashboards in the future!

Here's an example of a PostgreSQL magic dashboard:

PostgresQL AppSignal Magic Dashboard
PostgreSQL magic dashboard

And a Next.js magic dashboard with core performance metrics:

Next.js Magic Dashboard in AppSignal
Next.js Magic Dashboard in AppSignal

Moreover, you can also track your own metrics and build custom dashboards with ease.

Endlessly Customizable

Each stack is configured differently, and your monitoring tool should reflect that. You can customize AppSignal by adding custom instrumentation, tracking and visualizing metrics, setting up triggers, and much more.

Devs Mean the hello world To Us

AppSignal came to life 8 years ago as our team of developers decided to scratch their own itch. It started as a tool by and for developers, and it still is. Today, AppSignal APM is used and loved by thousands of development teams for whom we monitor over 100 billion requests a month.

Try Us Out and Get Stroopwafels 🍪

If you try AppSignal yourself and send us a message, we'll send you a free box of stroopwafels. The 30 day trial is free, no credit card needed.

Whether you're a single dev or a part of a bigger team, you'll have access to all of our features regardless of your subscription. We're there to grow alongside you. Bonus, we're free for OSS projects!

If you have any questions, just reach out to Our team of developers will be there to help you.

Stefan Verkerk

Stefan Verkerk

Stefan often shares stories about his Mosaic script-kiddie years. Has been scaling startups since the 90s. Today, he does management and growth things at AppSignal. Has amazing Excel to SQL chops on his customized MacBook.

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Wes Oudshoorn

Wes Oudshoorn

Once a rogue designer, now co-founder and manager of colors at AppSignal. If our app looks great, it's to his credit. If something is wrong, he points at developers. Loves skiing.

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