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We have added a powerful notifications settings page. It lets you easily set default values for error and performance notifications. You can find this page in the app navigation under app settings > notifications. Let's take a look at some screenshots.

Disable all email notifications

You can choose to disable all emails for this specific app. This settings is personal. Team members can still receive emails if you disable this!

Disable all emails

Receive a Weekly report

The weekly report gives you an update with a week by week comparison along with the top errors in this week. You can enable or disable it here. This settings is personal. Team members can still receive a weekly report if you disable this!

Weekly email report

Error notifications defaults

Specify in which case you want to receive an error email. If you have manually changed settings for specific errors, the checkbox allows you to reset them to default as well. These defaults are set for your full team.

Tweak error notifications

Performance notifications defaults

Works exactly the same as your error notifications, but adds a time threshold between 200ms en 10s. These defaults are set for your full team.

Tweak performance notifications

One step closer...

We know receiving one email too many or too little is very frustrating. We're constantly improving and tweaking AppSignal to make our users happy. We hope you like these changes! Let us know in the comments how we can make our notifications even better.

Wes Oudshoorn

Wes Oudshoorn

Once a rogue designer, now co-founder and manager of colors at AppSignal. If our app looks great, it's to his credit. If something is wrong, he points at developers. Loves skiing.

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