AppSignal’s Top 5 Ruby Posts in 2023

Ana Malinović

Ana Malinović on

AppSignal’s Top 5 Ruby Posts in 2023

As the year draws to an end, we're excited to share our top five most-read Ruby articles of 2023!

Top 5 Ruby Blog Posts in 2023 💎

Making the Most of Your Logs in Rails

It's easy to get going with logging with Rails, but not so easy to master it. Discover how you can get the most from your logs.

Organize Business Logic in Your Ruby on Rails Application

In the first part of this two-part series, we run through popular methods to organize your business logic.

An Introduction to Metaprogramming in Ruby

Explore some of the fundamentals of metaprogramming in Ruby.

An Introduction to LiteStack for Ruby on Rails

In the first part of this series, we set up an example Rails application and introduce the basics of LiteStack.

Without further ado, our top-performing Ruby post in 2023 was, perhaps unsurprisingly:

What's New in Rails 7.1

In this post, we discuss some noteworthy additions coming to Rails 7.1.

Season's Greetings ❆ ⛄

Have a wonderful festive break, and we'll see you in the new year!

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