Add custom markers from any graph

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Add custom markers from any graph

A month ago we announced Custom markers. These custom markers are emoji icons that are shown on the timeline of every graph to highlight deploys and custom events, such as scaling operations.

The custom markers announcement included an API endpoint with which it is possible to create these markers. It was the only way to create custom markers, really. We put it out there because the API was ready to ship and you could start playing with it.

Today, the real fun starts.

We are announcing the accompanying user interface to add custom markers straight from the graphs. Adding markers is easy and only takes seconds.

Hover over a space in a graph and you will be presented with a "Add marker" button. In the "Add marker" lightbox, select an icon, set a message and create your marker. To edit or delete a marker, click on the icon and you will be brought back to the editor.

We've also expanded our API to include the edit (PUT) and delete (DELETE) endpoints. You can read more about these endpoints in the

Markers API documentation


Let us know what you think of this feature at @AppSignal.

Tom de Bruijn

Tom de Bruijn

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