JavaScript Error Tracking v1.1.0

Adam Adam Yeats on

Boom! 💥 A new release of the AppSignal npm package for monitoring your front-end applications is here. For more information about our front-end error tracking, check out our docs.

It may be just a minor version release but it packs some cool stuff. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Fixed Errors in React Native

These changes allow React Native/Expo users to use the @appsignal/javascript package!

Added Ignored Errors List

Compared to back end errors, your front-end errors may have a much higher signal-to-noise ratio thanks to poor transient network connections, browser extensions etc. You can now ignore the noise much better by adding an ignoreErrors option that takes an array of RegExps. If a given Error’s message matches any of the patterns in the ignored list, the Error is ignored.


As always, we’re bumping up depencencies and keeping with all the changes in the community so that you don’t come across any quirky dependency bugs.

Thank you for your feedback!

We’re very thankful for all of your comments! Feel free to keep messaging us and sending us your questions/comments/feature requests. We’re just an email away and we wouldn’t be here without you.

P.S. If you haven’t tried AppSignal for your front-end error tracking yet, here’s how you can try it out in a few simple steps.

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