Shipped it: A partnership with the Ruby on Rails podcast

Wes Oudshoorn

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Shipped it: A partnership with the Ruby on Rails podcast

AppSignal <3 Podcasts

Late last year, we got to know Sean Devine and Kyle Daigle, the awesome guys that present the Ruby on Rails podcast. We sponsored a few episodes to support the podcast and promote AppSignal. Today, we're proud to announce a new partnership for 2016.

Introducing "Shipped it!"

The Ruby on Rails Podcast is adding a new segment, presented by AppSignal. It's called Shipped It! and is about managing and improving your application after it's shipped.

Sean and Kyle will share tips, tricks and tools they use to succesfully run their applications in production. The segment is embedded in each episode and will also be released as a seperate podcast.

Stay tuned

Want to know more? Find some links below, and we'll keep you updated about our partnership.

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Wes Oudshoorn

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