Developer Dilemmas Are Now Online

Milica Maksimović

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Developer Dilemmas Are Now Online

We're excited to announce that we've turned our card game Developer Dilemmas into an online game and launched it on Product Hunt. The original card game version was a great success as a conversation starter at conferences, so we built an online version for everyone to enjoy.

Our team of "AppSignaliens" likes to blow off steam by playing games. This game helps us not to take ourselves too seriously. By launching it online, we hope to bring developer teams closer together and bring some laughter in weird times like these.

Singleplayer and Multiplayer Support

You can play the online version together, or play it alone and see how your opinions compare to developers worldwide. After making your pick, we'll show you the choices others made as a percentage. All the cards are language-agnostic, so that you can enjoy the game regardless of the language(s) you love (or hate) šŸŽ‰

Screenshot of developer dilemmasĀ on an iPad

We hope you'll have a lot of fun playing the game and help us spread the word about it.

Play Developer Dilemmas

P.S. Want the Card Game?

If you liked this digital game, then you'll love the physical version! If you try AppSignal's application monitoring (Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, or JS), we'll send you a free card game. Worldwide shipping šŸŒ!

Box of the physical developer dilemmas game

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