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Thijs Thijs Cadier on

Starting today AppSignal is doing it live! Registration is now open for everyone.

We’re very excited to see our product venture out into the real world. It all started with a simple thought: Rails’s ActiveSupport:Notifications is awesome. Why isn’t there a way to use it to monitor our apps in a simple way?

We realized we needed an integrated tool that would allow us to see trends and also detailed traces of slow and erroring requests. We needed a convenient tool that would give insight quickly. We knew we wanted this tool to use ourselves and set out to build it.

When you add the AppSignal gem to your project it will keep track of the overall performance of your app. It saves samples of the slowest requests so you can dive straight in to debug a performance issue. It’s easy to instrument your code whatever way you like by adding instrumentation.

AppSignal also notifies you about errors, you can track error rates over time and see detailed information for the errors. We keep track of your deploys so you can see if new code that gets deployed is degrading or improving your app.

Every screen in AppSignal is focused on a certain aspect of your app. We plan to keep AppSignal a very focused and easy to use tool while we improve and add features to the product.

We’re still very much in the early days and have a long backlog of ideas that we’re going to work on over the next months. We hope that you’ll try out AppSignal and join us for the ride!

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