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Thijs Cadier

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Will you be in Amsterdam the evening of Thursday June 20th and are you interested in trying out AppSignal? Drop by for an evening of food, drinks, good conversation and usability testing at the new AppSignal office on the Singel 540 in Amsterdam.

Starting at six we'll have food and drinks available. We'll do a series of usability tests with all people that join. You'll create an account and setup AppSignal in your Rails app. The goal of the test is to learn how we can make the experience of starting out with AppSignal as easy as possible.

You'll receive a credit for three months of free usage as a thank you. Before and after your test you'll get a chance to chat with the team about design, usability, code or any subject you like. Let us know if you want to come at, we promise you'll have a good time!

Thijs Cadier

Thijs Cadier

Thijs is a co-founder of AppSignal who sometimes goes missing for months on end to work on our infrastructure. Makes sure our billions of requests are handled correctly. Holds the award for best drummer in the company.

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