Comparing host metrics

Tom Tom de Bruijn on

Recently we improved the host metrics and usage pages by making them better accessible.

Today we’ve launched the ability to compare hosts with one another. This makes it possible to spot badly performing hosts right from one page. No more need to keep multiple pages open.

You can select hosts from the hosts overview pages and inspect them in the graph pages by pressing the “Inspect” button.

Host compare table

It’s also possible to update your comparison selection right from the graphs pages. The host selection dropdown highlights which hosts you have selected and even allows for some quick searching on host names.

Comparing host metrics

With the ability to inspect multiple hosts you can create a dashboard of your most important hosts. Enable live updating graphs by toggling the fullscreen mode.

These features will make your devops life easier, again. And as we keep improving them based on customer feedback, we’d love to know what you think!

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