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Today we’re launching the ability to have multiple notifiers, and to have alerts for triggered anomalies sent to all notifiers.

Customers often told us they’d like to have more control of where their AppSignal notifications end up. Errors should go to one Slack channel, but performance issues to another one. Or some team members need emails for errors, but not for performance issues. This is now possible!

Notification settings

You can create multiple instances of any notifier, and apply different settings to these notifiers. For email, you can select whether to mail the entire team, or just a few members.

All notifiers* can now be used in Anomaly Detection. You can choose which notifiers to use for alerts when creating a trigger.

* = All notifiers except Intercom, which only supports sending errors.

New trigger

The full list of notifiers that are currently available:

With multiple notifiers it’s possible to set up multiple triggers for the same metric. This enables you to send a message to a Slack channel when your error rate exceeds 1% and escalate to PagerDuty at 5%, for example.

At the moment Anomaly Detection supports alerts for Error Rate, Slow Requests, Load Average and Disk Usage. We’ll steadily be releasing support for more metrics soon. Keep an eye on the changelog for updates on this.

We hope these new possibilities will help you be even more confident about the state of your app. Please let us know at or @AppSignal if you have any questions or suggestions!

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