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Robert Beekman

Robert Beekman on

We're happy to announce that OpsGenie is the latest addition to the AppSignal family of integrations.


OpsGenie is an alert notification system that notifies your team via email, SMS, phone call and push notifications when things get out of hand. It uses on-call schedules and escalations, so not all of your co-workers receive a text at 3am. This integration uses AppSignal notifications (both errors and performance) as a trigger for OpsGenie notifications.

To use OpsGenie, head on over to the "Integrations" section for any site and activate it there (fun fact: we did!).

Robert Beekman

Robert Beekman

As a co-founder, Robert wrote our very first commit. He's also our support role-model and knows all about the tiny details in code. Travels and photographs (at the same time).

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