Gem version 0.11.13 released

Robert Robert Beekman on

We’ve just released version 0.11.13 of our AppSignal gem with tons of changes.

Padrino support

Padrino is a Ruby framework built upon the Sinatra web library. Sinatra is a DSL for creating simple web applications in Ruby. Padrino was created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications while still adhering to the spirit that makes Sinatra great!

Want to monitor Padrino? Here’s the documentation for integrating AppSignal with Padrino.

Rake task monitoring

(Rails) Rake task monitoring is now officially supported by our gem.

Just add require 'appsignal/integrations/rake' to your Rakefile in the Rails root, and any exception in the task will be caught and sent to AppSignal. Find out more about Rake task monitoring in our docs.

HTTP Proxy support

The AppSignal gem is now able to send its data through a proxy by adding http_proxy to your appsignal.yml configuration file, eg:

   <<: *defaults
   active: true
   http_proxy: ""

Many thanks to Bruno Alvares da Costa for the Pull Request.

Various other fixes/improvements

Besides these new features, we’ve fixed some bugs:

As always, you can find the AppSignal gem at RubyGems.

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