Top 5 Ruby Blog Posts in 2020 from AppSignal

Milica Maksimović

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Top 5 Ruby Blog Posts in 2020 from AppSignal

There's no doubt that 2020 is a year we're all looking forward to leave behind. Let's grab a stroopwafel and think a bit about nice things and the people who spent their time sharing their knowledge with you, even in a year like this.

For today's post, we've compiled a Ruby list with top 5 posts that received the most attention from you. Let's hit it off with some nice tunes in the background.

Top 5 Ruby Blog Posts in 2020 💎

Using Service Objects in Ruby on Rails

There’s a lot of functionality that your app needs to handle, but that logic doesn’t necessarily belong in the controller or even the model. Some examples include checking out with a cart, registering for the site, or starting a subscription. This post will show you what service objects are and why you should use them in cases like these.

Rails is Fast: Optimize Your View Performance

In this post, we’ll look into tried and true methods of improving Rails view performance. Specifically, we will focus on database efficiency, view manipulation, and caching.

Building a Rails App With Multiple Subdomains

Learn how to build a Rails app that can support multiple subdomains. Let’s assume that we have a gaming website and we want to support multiple subdomains such as,, and with a single Rails application.

Rails Concerns: To Concern Or Not To Concern

If you’ve ever used Ruby on Rails, you’ve probably come across the concept of concerns. Whenever you jumpstart a new Rails project, you get a directory app/controllers/concerns and app/models/concerns. But what are concerns? And why do people from the Rails community sometimes talk badly about them?

Introduction to Ruby on Rails Patterns and Anti-patterns

This is the first post in our series about Ruby on Rails Patterns and Anti-patterns. In each of the posts, we’ll take a deep dive into all sorts of patterns you might come across while working with Rails apps.

Holiday Season is Approaching 🎊🎉🎄❄️

That was all for this roundup of favorite articles of 2020! The whole AppSignal team wishes you all the best for the coming year, with little errors and many amazing insights ☃️

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