Logbook: Team Discussion and Full Incident History

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Logbook: Team Discussion and Full Incident History

We've launched a feature that will help you fix errors and performance issues as a team! 🎉

With Logbook you get the full incident history. Read and leave team comments, see which notifications were sent at what time, and see team activity for changes in incident states. It's now easier than ever to see what the current state of an incident is.

Improve How You Communicate Issues

Battling an error or a performance issue can be a tedious task. You need as much information and context as possible to paint a picture of what is wrong. Only with enough information you can diagnose issues effectively.

AppSignal already provides lots of of technical information about errors or performance issues. Our new logbook highlights the historic (human) activity for any given incident.

Get the Full Historic Context

Before, you might have wondered if anyone had seen an incident before, or tried to fix it. Heck, you might have even forgot how you solved it last time. With our new Logbook, you'll know exactly what happened. From the first time this incident was opened, to the latest notification that was sent out.

Let's look at all the data the Logbook collects.

Logbook feature


First of all, you can add notes/comments to the timeline. This is useful to communicate with yourself, or your future coworker. We use it to keep a log of debugging efforts and to provide instructions for the next time this happens.

Assignee Changes

Assigning yourself and/or team members? See exactly who was assigned, when, and by whom.

Issue State Changes

Closing an issue? Opening it again? Marking it as WIP? We'll show you who did this, and when.

Notification Settings

See if someone changed a threshold for performance incidents, and if someone enabled/disabled notifications for an incident.

Log For Successful and Failed Notifications

When was the last email notification sent? Should we have seen this in Slack? We'll keep a log of all successful and failed notifications.

Errors and Performance Incidents 2.0

Errors and performance are at the core of the AppSignal product. We're going to spend more time over the next months to improve these features, giving you more data, insights, and tools to find and fix issues with ease.

Want to help? We've got waffles 🍪

We're actively looking for participants in some user testing/feedback sessions. Send us an email if you would like to participate. We'll give you Stroopwafels and a gift coupon in return.

Wes Oudshoorn

Wes Oudshoorn

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