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Robert Beekman
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It has been a busy week for us at AppSignal and we have a lot to show for it. Here's a round-up of what's new, such as the whole new hosts section, improved event tree with filtering & syntax highlighting for hashes & queries.


Graphs are a great way to visualize how your app is doing. Unfortunately our graphs lacked a way to see exact values for spikes. We've now added hover states that show exact values for all graphs on a page. This way you can see the direct relation between throughput, performance and error rates.


While this is a great step forward, in the future we'll show 95 percentile values for performance graphs and deploys. We'll add the ability to navigate to errors and performance issues directly from the graph itself.


We've added support for multi-host apps, so you can see performance and error rates for individual host. This helps in locating the bad apples in your server pool, and debug otherwise difficult to solve host related problems.

The hosts tab is enabled automatically for all apps that run on multiple hosts.

Performance detail view

When a page is slow you obviously want to know why. The performance detail view showed a lot of information, but it turned out to be hard to find your way around. This is why we did an extensive overhaul on the performance page.

On slow request pages you now see a handy little sidebar that shows which other requests to the same controller action were slow. You can navigate to an occurrence to see its details.

The "event tree" became better usable as well. We have created filters so you can quickly see the most important (read: slowest) events. Open the drop-down filter and select the group or minimum duration you want to focus on, or both. Once a filter is active the other events will slightly fade into the background and let you focus on the events that are most important.


The event tree will also try to determine which events are similar and hide those (you can still show them manually).


Last but not least

We added syntax highlighting for hashes and queries everywhere for better readability and easier debugging.

Robert Beekman

Robert Beekman

As a co-founder, Robert wrote our very first commit. He's also our support role-model and knows all about the tiny details in code. Travels and photographs (at the same time).

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Tom de Bruijn

Tom de Bruijn

Tom is a developer at AppSignal, organizer, and writer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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