RailsConf 2020.2 Couch Edition

Roy Roy Tomeij on

We’ve been a part of RailsConf since 2008. Personally, as attendees, speakers, and as part of the program committee. As a business, we’ve been an official sponsor since 2019, and the very unofficial stroopwafel sponsor since 2014.

This year, we planned to take over 56 kilograms (124 lbs) of stroopwafels and 63 kilograms (139 lbs) of Developer Dilemmas playing cards with us from Amsterdam to Portland. The Relaxation Station would be our way to help attendees get the most out of the conference with relaxing chair massages. Like previous years, we would host our RailsConf Warm-Up party the night before the main event, and treat our customers to dinner. But, then reality happened, and the organizers had to cancel the Portland event. Luckily, there’s the alternative “2020.2 Couch Edition” of RailsConf, and we’re happy to be a part of that instead.

Today, 36 prerecorded videos of some of the accepted talks and keynotes are published on the RailsConf website. We’ve turned our offline sponsorship into an online one, and are happy to make the distribution of these videos possible. This year, there’s also a virtual goodie bag, and it’s full of great stuff.

Our RailsConf offer consists of 15 delicious Dutch caramel waffles and two decks of Developer Dilemmas playing cards, for whoever starts their AppSignal trial and sends data our way (no purchase required). With free global shipping, they’ll land on your doorstep soon.

Stay safe, and hopefully, we get to see all of our Ruby friends again at RailsConf 2021. We’ll be there.

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