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Here at AppSignal we tend to be very pro-active with our support. When a 500 error occurs, we try to find out who encountered the error and contact them when the issue is resolved.

Until now we had to use cookie params and query against our database to find out who was making a request at the time an error occurred.

Starting today (with appsignal gem version '0.6.3') you will be able to tag requests like this:

Appsignal.tag_request( :user =>, :email => )

You can use this wherever the current request is accessible, we recommend calling it from a before_filter. On our exception page you can find the tags in the Overview section:

Tagged request

A few rules

There are a couple of rules on tagging:

  • The key must be a string or symbol
  • The value must be a string, symbol or integer
  • The length of the key and value must be less than 100 caracters
# Good Appsignal.tag_request( :user_email => '' ) # Bad Appsignal.tag_request( :user => current_user )

Tags that don't meet these requirements will be dropped without warning. Request tagging currently only works for errors.

Happy tagging!

Robert Beekman

Robert Beekman

As a co-founder, Robert wrote our very first commit. He's also our support role-model and knows all about the tiny details in code. Travels and photographs (at the same time).

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