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2020 is a year we’re all looking forward to leave behind. But let’s think a bit about nice things like sharing knowledge, even in a year like this.

Here’s the list of the top 5 Elixir posts that received the most attention from you. If you need a warm-up: you can play these tunes in the background.

Top 5 Elixir Blog Posts in 2020 ⚗️

How to Use gRPC in Elixir

Learn what gRPC is, when you should reach for such a tool, and some of the pros and cons of using it. After going over an introduction of gRPC, we’ll dive right into a sample application where we’ll build an Elixir backend API powered by gRPC.

Using Mnesia in an Elixir Application

Discover more about Mnesia, see when you would use such a tool, and take a look at some of the pros and cons of using it. After covering the fundamentals of Mnesia, we’ll dive right into a sample application where we’ll build an Elixir application that uses Mnesia as its database.

The State of Elixir HTTP Clients

In this post, we’ll look at two Elixir HTTP client libraries: Mint and Finch. We’ll also talk about some of the existing HTTP client libraries in the ecosystem and discuss some of the things that make Mint and Finch different.

Best Practices for Background Jobs in Elixir

If you’ve ever deployed a new task, only to find out that it has gone rogue with a bug that caused it to misbehave (e.g.: sending way too many emails, way too quickly), this post is for you.

How to Get Your Elixir Application Ready for CI/CD

For this post, we’ll go over what continuous integration and continuous delivery are, the benefits that come along with employing CI/CD, and some best practices that you should follow. We’ll also explore a wide array of Elixir ecosystem tools that can help you create top-notch CI pipelines.

Holiday Season is Approaching 🎊🎉🎄❄️

That was all for this roundup of favorite articles of 2020! The whole AppSignal team wishes you all the best for the coming year, with little errors and many amazing insights ☃️

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