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Designing a product that looks and works great is very important to our team. We'll write the occasional article about design in this section.

Introducing: A new layout for AppSignal

By Wes Oudshoorn on

We are always working to create the best possible experience for our users. The new layout we shipped today is a step forward that will make AppSignal easier to use.

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New event timeline

By Wes Oudshoorn on

Since our 1.0 agent release, we have continuously shipped great new features. And today, we are very proud to present you a new and improved event timeline. You will find the event time on all your performance sample pages.

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First steps towards a new front-end architecture

By Robert Beekman on

Today we launched the first parts of our rewritten front-end code. Here’s what we changed.

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Refactoring design

By Wes Oudshoorn on

In order for you to create enjoyable experiences, we want to create energy and remove friction. Our minds form expecations of the way the world works and when reality does not match these mental models, we experience friction. read more

Designing AppSignal

By Wes Oudshoorn on

The very first version of the AppSignal design consisted of some Twitter Bootstrap elements, patched together with duct tape. Both bootstrap frameworks and duct tape are very useful, but will not provide trust for users. We have come a long way in...

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