We've Levelled up Our Top Monitoring Features

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We've Levelled up Our Top Monitoring Features

We've improved our core features to help you debug issues more efficiently and effectively.

This article will walk you through the changes we've made to our Error Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, and Log Incidents features that enable you to gain the insights you need to dive deep into issues quicker than ever before.

A Beautiful Overview of Your Errors

We've created new, easy-to-read error overview pages with a summary of your error and the ability to explore its occurrences.

It is now even easier to dive into a new debugging session with all the vital information you need merely one click away.

You can now search and filter error samples to help you quickly find specific deployment occurrences, search for specific users, or for samples that include custom tags. It's never been easier to find the sample data you need!

Error sample search

Error Attribute Distributions

With the introduction of error attribute distributions, you can quickly figure out important details like who experiences this error, how often it occurs, and if it's unique to a particular browser.

New Logbook Features

You can now pin important comments to the top of the logbook, allowing you to ensure key knowledge is always at hand.

The re-designed Error Overview

Performance Monitoring

AppSignal's Performance Monitoring helps you spot where and when your application is slow to respond.

We've added even more tools to Performance Monitoring to help you quickly identify slow queries and combat performance perils!

An Overview of the Latest Samples

The new overview tab provides a quick overview of the last saved performance samples, which includes a deploys table with an overview of the performance per deployment.

Performance Samples Table

Quickly query and filter performance samples with data such as creation date, duration, request ID, and hostname.

You can save time and easily find the information you need to evaluate performance issues.

Sample Page Redesign

We've re-vamped the entire sample page and added a more user-friendly event timeline featuring fullscreen mode, making it possible to monitor your application from your coffee machine or anywhere you can hang a screen!

New performance samples

Anomaly Detection

With AppSignal Anomaly Detection, you can create metric triggers to alert you when specific conditions are met. For example, when disk space rises above 90% or a queue has more than 1000 jobs.

We've enhanced our Anomaly incidents with additional layers of insights, providing you with the clarity needed to resolve them.

Issues Layer

The new issues layer lets you quickly understand an alert's state, frequency, and urgency.

An issue is created per trigger occurrence. For example, if you set a trigger for when disk space exceeds 90%, we'll create a new issue for every server where this happens.

This change tidies up your anomaly detection table and doesn't bury important alerts. All trigger issue occurrences are saved and accessible under "Occurrences", which you can access by navigating to your Trigger, then to Multiple issuesOccurrences.

Alert Overview

The alert overview has been redesigned to allow you to quickly understand the state of all of your alerts.

The overview now features the metric data and tags that triggered the alert alongside each alert's most recent logbook activity.

Occurrence Detail

You can now view a more detailed overview of alert occurrences.

With an easy-to-understand timeline of events, you can quickly infer when the alert was triggered and how long it spent in each alert phase from warm up to cool down.

New anomaly alert incident overview

Log Incidents

With Log Triggers, you can be notified when specific logging activity occurs, for example, when a logline matches specific data.

Each log incident has a dedicated logging overview page with the same usability and data insights as you would with our performance incidents.

New anomaly alert incident overview

AppSignal, The Awesome APM

At AppSignal, we strive to be awesome at everything we do; that's why we work hard to ensure our core features are the best they can be. When we ask our customers why they find AppSignal awesome, they tell us they like our:

  • An intuitively easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Simple and predictable pricing.
  • Developer-to-developer support.

If you are a new trial user, you can also get a free box of stroopwafels. Once you start pushing some data, reach out to us, and we'll send a package to you 🍪!

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Connor James

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Wes Oudshoorn

Once a rogue designer, now co-founder and manager of colors at AppSignal. If our app looks great, it's to his credit. If something is wrong, he points at developers. Loves skiing.

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