AppSignal is Free for Open-Source Software & "For Good" Projects

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AppSignal is Free for Open-Source Software & "For Good" Projects

Whether you write code to save the bees, build the latest CMS, or teach others to become a developer: we've got your back. We've always offered AppSignal for free to maintainers and do-gooders who asked, such as Elixir School, Code::Stats and the MEANS Database. Starting today, we want to spread the word to all open-source maintainers and volunteer organizations that AppSignal is 100% free for them.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Applications are built on the shoulders of giants, also known as "open-source software maintainers." Without them, every one of us would continuously need to reinvent the wheel and keep it spinning. Thankfully, these – mostly unpaid – developers spend countless hours going through issue lists, fixing bugs, and speaking with the community. They release the result of their dedication and hard work under licenses that allow the rest of the world to reap the benefits.

Other, equally giant developers use their talents to write and run software that makes the world a better place. Some of them maintain apps that redistribute excess food or arrange help for the elderly. Others take a global approach to teaching others how to write code or find their dream job as a developer. Voluntarily.

It's our honor to offer AppSignal for Ruby, Elixir, Node.js, and JavaScript for free to all you giants out there. Enjoy our Error Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Metric Dashboards, Anomaly Detection, and Workflow features. Use them while developing or to monitor your demo app, project's homepage, or cluster of forty servers.

How to apply for a free AppSignal account

To apply for a free AppSignal subscription as an OSS maintainer or volunteer-run organization, start your free trial and tell us a bit about your project over email or the in-app chat. Our review process is quick and there to ensure your project aligns with our vision and code of conduct.

If your nonprofit organization isn't run solely by volunteers, also make sure to reach out! We offer a 25% discount on our regular pricing.

Be a giant

By providing free AppSignal, we hope to enable open-source maintainers and other do-gooders to write even better software, and to broaden shoulders for future generations to stand on. On behalf of them and us: thanks for your hard work.

Roy Tomeij

Roy Tomeij

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